A Heritage in Danger

Presently, most of the architectural works of Hassan Fathy are neglected and allowed to decay and crumble. Several significant buildings have already disappeared: the Bosphore Casino (1932) commissioned by the Koudsy brothers on Train Station Square (Bab el-Hadid) in Cairo has fallen; several art deco villas from the 1930s have been torn down and the villa he built for his wife, Aziza Hassanein, was destroyed during the creation of the Maadi waterfront road. At present, the legendary house of artist and potter Hamed Saïd in el-Marg has become surrounded by a hostile environment and the Villa Toussoun Abu Gabal is threatened by pressure of property taxes increasing in the surroundings of the new Four Seasons Hotel. Furthermore, two houses built in the village of New Bariz (Kharga) have recently undergone renovations which have totally altered them. The village of New Gourna is also in danger and its safeguarding is one of the priority objectives of the Association.

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