Statutes of the Association



Adopted by the Constitutive Assembly on the 5th of February 2008



Name and registered office


Article 1


SAVE THE HERITAGE OF HASSAN FATHY is a non-profit Association governed by the present statutes and, for all matters not covered by the Articles, by Articles 60 et seq. of the Swiss Civil Code.  


Article 2


The Association's registered office is located in Geneva

The Association's life shall be of unlimited duration.




Article 3


1. The association shall pursue the following aims:


a)      Make the public opinion aware of the safeguarding and protection of the works of Hassan Fathy, Egyptian architect, and of the importance of the cultural heritage they represent for humanity,


b)      create a pole of exchanges between Universities and Institutions to favour exchanges of information and ideas,


c)      carry out projects for the protection and conservation of Hassan Fathy’s works (conservation, pilot educational projects for the restoration of earth constructions, enhancing the value of art crafts activities…)


2. The association is not dependant of any other association. It is not related to any political movement and does not belong to any confession.







Article 4


The Association's resources derive from the following sources:

a)      membership dues,

b)      grants from public collectivities,

c)      receipts from organized manifestations,

d)     support from sponsors,

e)      gifts and legacies.


The funds shall be used in conformity with the Association's purposes.


The Association is responsible of its engagements on its resources and does not envolve the personal responsibility of its members.





Article 5


Any physical or moral person can be member of the Association. The member should accept the aims of the Association and follow the statutes and the rules of the Association.


Membership shall terminate :


a)      on death, or

b)      by written resignation notified to the Committee,

c)      par exclusion.





Article 6


The Association’s organs ares :


a)      The General Assembly

b)      The Committee


Article 7


The General Assembly is the Association's supreme power. It shall:


a)      approve the admission and dismissal of members of the Committee and of the President of the Association, 


b)      approve the nomination or the dismissal of the auditor for the Association’s accounts, 


c)      examine the Committee’s financial report for the year and approve or reject the contents thereof,


d)     approve the accounts and the management of the Association, 


e)      examine individual propositions, 


f)       approve the choice of the projects carried out by the Association, 


g)      approve the modifications of the Association’s statutes, 


h)      resort against a decision from the Committee on the exclusion of a member,


i)        decide on the dissolution of the Association and it’s liquidation.


Article 8


The General Assembly shall hold an Ordinary Meeting once each year. In addition, the General Assembly shall convene an Extraordinary Meeting whenever necessary or at the request of one-fifth of its members.


The Committee shall send notice of the Meeting, including the proposed agenda, to each member at least 10 days prior to the date of the Meeting.


The General Assembly shall be quorate regardless of the number of members present.


Article 9


The decisions of the General Assembly shall be made by a simple majority vote of the members present. In case of deadlock, the President shall have the casting vote.

Decisions concerning the amendment of the Articles of Association and the dissolution of the Organization must be approved by a two-third majority of the members present.


Article 10


The Committee is composed of minimum three members and seven maximum, among which the President, the Vice-President and the Treasurer, chosen among the members during the General Assembly.


The members of the Committee are elected for a period of two years. They are re-.eligible but the term of the successive mandates can not overrun six years


Article 11


The Committee is authorised to carry out acts for the further purposes:


a)      Insure the administrative management of the Association and fulfil the decisions of the General Assembly,


b)      establish the annual budget, the Association’s report as well as the financial statements for the year accounts of the for the year,


c)      accept or reject the demands of admission, as well as the exclusion of a member ; the exclusion of a member can not be decided without the indication of a motive,


d)     execute any other task which the imperative measure of the law, the present statutes or any decision of the General Assembly can not place in the competence of any other organ.


Article 12


The Association shall be validly bound by the signature of the President and another member of the Committee; in case the President can not be present, of the Vice-President and another member of the Committee.


Dispositions diverses


Article 13


The financial year shall begin on 1 January and end on 31 December of each year.

The auditor appointed by the General Assembly shall audit the Association's accounts every year.


Article 14


If the Association is dissolved, its assets shall be transferred to another non-profit organization with a similar purpose.




The President                                     The Vice-president                            The Secretary

 Leïla el-Wakil                                    Rachida Teymour                              Nadia Radwan

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