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  • Save New Gourna

    08 avril 2008 ( #Gourna )

    New Gourna village , Hassan Fathy’s pilot-project, is at present abandoned and in danger. Although the theater and the mosque have been restored, many buildings are uncared for, others have been brutally altered and others yet, such as the boys’ school...

  • What plans for New Gourna Theater?

    14 octobre 2008 ( #Gourna )

    The Egyptian authorities are sensible to the urgency in safeguarding New Gourna village. Recently, a project to restore the Theatre of New Gourna has been envisaged by Mr. Farouk Hosni, Minister of Culture. Although the intention is laudable, a restoration...

  • Guidelines for the Safeguarding of New Gourna

    03 décembre 2008

    Current situa tion 1) New Gourna has suffered important damages related to underestimation and abandon. Some buildings have disappeared, like the Boys School or the Mayor’s House. Some have been denatured and elevated in various techniques other than...

  • Mission in New Gourna: The Theatre in Danger

    03 février 2009

    The international mission organized by the Association Save the Heritage of Hassan Fathy on the site of New Gourna village from 22 to 27 January has observed a number of preoccupying problems in several places of the village. However, the mission is particularly...

  • Good News for New Gourna!

    22 juin 2009

    After a long year of unceasing activities and some moments of discouragement, the international association SAVE THE HERITAGE OF HASSAN FATHY is very pleased to foresee the beginning of an action plan concerning the village of New Gourna. The Director...

  • Hassan Fathy Symposium Bibliotheca Alexandrina

    21 octobre 2009

    The Bibliotheca Alexandrina (Alexandria) and Mediterranean Research Center (Alex Med) organizes the “Hassan Fathy Award for Architecture” and Hassan fathy symposium, in collaboration with the Architecture Committee of the Egyptian Supreme Council for...

  • News Hassan Fathy Symposium Bibliotheca Alexandrina

    04 novembre 2009

    SAVE THE HERITAGE OF HASSAN FATHY International Association was represented at The H assan Fathy Symposium , held at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina on 28th. of October 2009 . Our Secretary, Nadia Radwan, addressed the e xtreme urgency in taking conservation...

  • New Hotel project in New Gourna

    23 février 2010

    Save the heritage of Hassan Fathy has been informed that the governorate of the West Bank in Luxor is planning to sell agricultural land beside New Gourna village in order to build a hotel "inspired" by Hassan Fathy. The building of a new tourism complex...

  • UNESCO Safeguarding project of New Gourna

    05 octobre 2010

    The First UNESCO Scientific Committee has just been held in Louxor from 2-3 October 2010. Save the Heritage of Hassan Fathy, represented by its President, Leïla el-Wakil was among the scientific experts to discuss the implementation of the safeguarding...

  • UNESCO's First Scientific Committee in New Gourna

    12 octobre 2010

    The First Scientific Committee for the safeguarding of New Gourna was held in Luxor from 2-3 October 2010. The session was inaugurated in the Cultural Heritage Centre of Luxor by Francesco Bandarin, assistant Director-General, Culture Sector, Unesco and...


    22 novembre 2010

    Save the Heritage of Hassan Fathy association is extremely alerted by the collapse of one of the vaults of New Gourna's Khan. Hassan Fathy had planned the khan with workshops for craftsmen and a vaulted gallery for them to expose and sell their crafts....

  • Ongoing destruction of Hassan Fathy's houses in New Gourna!

    14 février 2011

    SAVE THE HERITAGE OF HASSAN FATHY is EXTREMELY ALARMED to hear that another house built by Hassan Fathy has just been demolished by its inhabitants during the past few days. Of course the major events and changes that Egypt has witnessed during the past...

  • Emergency stabilization measures on the Khan

    09 juin 2011

    Since Save the Heritage of Hassan Fathy's emergency mission to New Gourna in March 2011 carried out in accordance with UNESCO, emergency stabilization measures have been implemented on the Khan arcades to prevent its ruin and collapse. These measures...


    13 décembre 2011

    Created since almost four years, the International Association Save the heritage of Hassan Fathy is glad to announce a positive record . Indeed, amongst many actions, it has accomplished the following: mobilizing specialists in mud brick architecture...

  • Le village de Hassan Fathy une année après la révolution/Hassan Fath'y village one year after the revolution

    30 janvier 2012

    Interventions libres sur une maison originale La cour de la Maison de Hassan Fathy Free interventions on an original house The court of Hassan Fathy's House L'Association Save the Heritage of Hassan Fathy s'est rendue à Nouveau Gourna à la fin de décembre...

  • Publication: Hassan Fathy dans son temps

    31 mars 2013

    HASSAN FATHY DANS SON TEMPS, Leïla el-Wakil (dir.) Save the heritage of Hassan Fathy a le plaisir d'annoncer la parution de Hassan Fathy dans son temps sous la direction de Leïla el-Wakil aux éditions infolio. En dépit des efforts déployés par l'association...

  • Breaking News: New Gourna Listed

    04 novembre 2009

    S ave the Heritage of Hassan Fathy has the pleasure to announce to all its members and supporting institutions that New Gourna village has just been l i sted by the World Monuments Watch 2010 . The World Monuments Watch lists the sites all over the world...


    30 novembre 2009

    As you all know , since the past two years, SAVE THE HERITAGE OF HASSAN FATHY has concentrated all its efforts in the safeguarding of the endangered village of New Gourna by carrying out the following actions: - Alerting the i nternational community as...

  • Save Hassan Fathy's New Gourna, Docomomo Revue

    26 mai 2008 ( #Gourna )

    Click on cover page to view article

  • Hassan Fathy sort de l'oubli, article in Le Courrier

    08 décembre 2011 ( #Gourna )


  • International petition Cagliari

    23 mars 2009

    Click here to view international petition signed durin "Mediterra 2009" held in Cagliari from 13th to 16th of March 2009

  • Exhibition on Hassan Fathy in Cairo (18/12/2011 - 21/1/2012)

    08 décembre 2011

    Hassan Fathy, an Egyptian Ambition Organized by the Institut Français du Caire Gezira Art Centre, Zamalek, Cairo 18 December 2011 - 21 January 2012 http:// par SAVE THE HERITAGE OF HASSAN FATHY

  • Iron against mud brick

    28 janvier 2009 ( #Gourna )

  • Hassan Fathy Revisited, Panayiota I. Pyla

    26 mai 2008 ( #Hassan Fathy )

    View recent article on Hassan Fathy published in 2007 link Hassan Fathy Revisited Postwar Discourses on Science, Development, and Vernacular Architecture Panayiota I. Pyla

  • International Petition

    27 avril 2009

    Dear all, Please support our action to safeguard Hassan Fathy's New Gourna village by signing the international petition by clicking on the link Thanks for your support. SAVE THE HERITAGE OF HASSAN...

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